Source Control Response Exercises

Source Control Response Exercises

Tabletop Exercises

Source Control Response Exercises

A tabletop exercise is a facilitated group analysis of an emergency situation in an informal environment. The exercise is essentially a group discussion session centered on a scenario narrative and problem statements that have been presented to the group members

The tabletop exercise is designed for examination of operational plans, problem identification and in-depth problem solving. In addition, the roles and responsibilities of the Crisis Management Team, Incident Management Team and Emergency Response Team are reviewed.

An overall effective exercise program is made up of progressively complex exercises, each one building on the previous, until the exercises are as close to reality as possible. The exercise program should involve a wide range of public organizations to include fire, law enforcement, emergency management and other governmental agencies as identified.

Functional Exercise

A functional exercise examines and/or validates the coordination, command and control between various multiagency coordination centers, e.g., the emergency operation center and joint field office. A functional exercise does not involve first responders or emergency officials that would respond to an incident in real time.

Short of moving real people and equipment to an actual site, the functional exercise will simulate an emergency in the most realistic manner possible. As the name suggests, its goal is to test or evaluate the capability of one or more functions in the context of an emergency event.

Full-Scale Exercise

A full-scale exercise is as close to a real event as possible. The team will combine the interactivity of the functional exercise with the field element. The full-scale exercise will test and evaluate all or most functions listed in the emergency operations plan. This exercise is a useful tool to evaluate total coordination among policy makers, coordination officials and field forces.

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