WellCONTAINED™ - Subsea Containment Solutions

WellCONTAINED™ - Subsea Containment Solutions

Prevention and Response

Subsea Containment Solutions

Wild Well is proud to offer WellCONTAINED™ Subsea Containment Solutions to the industry.  Based on more than 36 years of conventional and subsea well control experience, this unique containment system provides a truly comprehensive solution to global deepwater well control incident prevention and response.

The WellCONTAINED system of services includes contingency planning and response from Source Control Emergency Response Planning (SCERP) through field deployment of our containment system capping a subsea uncontrolled well.

WellCONTAINED components assist operators in prevention, preparation, response and recovery operations related to deepwater well control events.

Components of WellCONTAINED Subsea Solutions

  • Technical planning, drill/exercise and response support
  • Complete global response equipment package
  • Relief well planning and well kill modeling
  • Firefighting and well control
  • Incident command structure and response training
  • Well control training
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