Response Equipment

Response Equipment

WellCONTAINED™ Systems

Response Equipment

The WellCONTAINED System is an adaptable equipment package that can be used for a multitude of response scenarios. The package uses field-proven equipment and is based on many years of subsea well control experience. Design criteria for the system includes a depth rating to 10,000 fsw, 15,000 psi shut‐in pressure and dual mechanical barriers as well as the ability for ROV control of all functions. Additionally, the kit’s modular design facilitates rapid global deployment on readily available cargo aircraft such as the Boeing 747 or An‐124. The system is currently 100% operational as verified by third parties and is staged in a state of deployable readiness near Aberdeen, Scotland.

Response Equipment

The System comprises four basic modules:

  • Debris removal
  • Subsea dispersant application
  • Capping stack
  • Subsea hydraulic power unit

Debris Removal Package

The debris removal package contains two sizes of subsea shears that provide the cutting capability of tubular and structural members up to 46 inches in size. The shears can be used for activities like cutting bent or broken riser, shearing pipe or clearing an area to prepare for capping stack activities. In addition to the shears, ROV utility cutting tools, such as the Super Grinder, are part of the kit and would be used for light debris removal and site preparation for the capping stack installation.

Subsea Dispersant Application Package

The subsea dispersant application package includes all required hardware to facilitate the application of dispersants subsea from the client-provided coiled tubing unit through application wands or ROV hot stabs. Key components include the coiled tubing routing manifold, subsea distribution manifold and subsea hose deployment reel with more than 3,000 ft of various length 1-in. application and 1-in. routing hose. The system is rated to 4,500 psi and may also be used to convey hydrate inhibition and remediation chemicals as well as control line fluids.

Subsea Capping Stack

The capping stack comprises 18 3/4-in. 15K Cameron Type TL ram assemblies and a drilling spool with four 4 1/16-in. outlets, which facilitates the installation chokes for soft shut‐in operations or gooseneck assemblies for extended flow back/well kill operations. The capping stack also features chemical injection (dispersant or hydrate mitigation/remediation) as well as internal pressure and temperature monitoring capability with acoustic transmission of readings to surface. The stack can be connected to a BOP, flex joint or on top of a wellhead. The capping stack is deployable on either drillpipe or wire, and deployment is aided by a rig or by crane/winch wire with quick changeout of the running tool interface.

Subsea Hydraulic Power Unit

To provide localized hydraulic power to function the equipment that may be employed during the response operations, multiple options for subsea hydraulic power may be provided. Options include a dedicated subsea hydraulic power unit system as well as ROV-deployable hydraulic skids. This tooling may also be used to conduct secondary operation of the primary BOP.

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