Training Tools & Killsheets

Training Tools & Killsheets

Ultimate Killsheet

Killsheets and Training Tools

Wild Well provides students with the tools necessary for a successful well control training experience. Download the full version of the Well Control Toolbox or select a link below to begin self-review preparatory work for well control certification:

Well Control Basics

Circulation and Well Control English Español
Pressure Basics and Concepts English Español
Causes of Kicks English Español
Warning Signs of Kicks English Español
Complications English Español
Shut-In Procedures English Español
Drilling Fluids English Español
Formation Fracture Gradient English Español
Well Control Methods English Español

Pressure Control Equipment and Barriers English Español

  • Blowout Preventers (BOP) – stacks, ram types, ram placement
  • Chokes – hydraulic and manual
  • Accumulator
  • Mud/Gas Separator

Ultimate Killsheets

Electronic, user-friendly killsheets designed to fit every surface and subsea application.

Rig Math

In addition to the self-review material, Rig Math ensures students possess the math skills required for day-to-day rig operations. Rig Math occurs on day one of the Drilling courses.

* The well control killsheets you select to download are provided by Wild Well. We make no warranties or guarantees expressed, implied, or statutory as to any matter whatsoever with respect to use of the well control killsheets. By clicking on any of the killsheet links, you acknowledge and agree to these terms of use.

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