Killsheets & Training Tools

Killsheets & Training Tools

Ultimate Killsheet

Killsheets and Training Tools

The Ultimate Killsheet is a set of electronic, user-friendly killsheets introduced in each class to fit every surface and subsea application.

Our killsheets are second to none because they:

  • Handle simple or complex wells
  • Provide flexibility for multiple casing, liner and tubular sizes
  • Improve workflow and real-time results
  • Calculate and display critical well control parameters
  • Perform Imperial, SI and metric unit conversion to allow for the use of mixed units

For more challenging well control operations, Volumetric and Lube & Bleed killsheets provide:

  • Real-time data
  • Charts and graphs
  • Calculated bleed cycles (Volumetric)
  • Estimated maximum surface and pit gain (Volumetric)
  • Injection fluid vs. pressure bleed down (Lube & Bleed)
  • Establishment of safety and working margins

Well Control Toolbox

The Well Control Toolbox provides the ultimate set of well control tools at your fingertips.  The toolbox program is available for download and can be installed to your desktop.  The Well Control Toolbox includes:

  • All Ultimate Killsheet versions
  • Technical Data Book
  • Well Control Formula Sheet
  • Unit Conversion Tool
  • Evergreen Manual

Download the toolbox program or install updates to a previously downloaded version.

Download Individual Versions of the Ultimate Killsheet

The well control killsheets you select to download are provided by Wild Well and we make no warranties or guarantees expressed, implied or statutory as to any matter whatsoever with respect to use of the well control killsheets.

By clicking on any of the killsheet links below, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of use above.

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