Well Control Crew and Equipment Assessments

Well Control Crew and Equipment Assessments

Keeping Equipment Rig Ready

Crew and Equipment Assessment

Our Well Control Equipment Survey consists of a visual inspection of well control equipment once it has been rigged up and tested after the surface or intermediate casing has been set and before or immediately after the shoe has been drilled out. A survey of well control equipment is especially advisable for critical, deep, high-temperature/high-pressure or deepwater drilling operations.

Wild Well Equipment Surveys Offer

  • A review of more than 100 individual components, covering 16 major areas of concern
  • Use of established API and IADC industry practices
  • Inclusion of other specifications/requirements as provided by the client
  • An immediate, detailed explanation and written analysis of all findings, including a prescription of corrective measures
  • Elimination/reduction of risks associated with well control

Kick Drill Assessment for Competency on Site

Wild Well's kick drill assessments are a quantitative and qualitative measurement of your crew's competency to detect and properly respond to a kick event.

For more information about scheduling a Well Control Equipment Survey or Kick Drill Assessment, please contact us.

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