Accumulator Workshop

Accumulator Workshop

Give your crew commanding knowledge of BOP control systems

Crew and Equipment Assessment

Our accumulator training program combines interactive classroom instruction with a hands-on walkthrough of basic and critical operational components for your onsite accumulator system.

Risk management well control equipment experts deliver quality coaching to develop a crew's practical and operational understanding of the accumulator system in the following areas:

  • Equipment components and appropriate pressures
  • Accumulator checklist to ensure proper functioning
  • Maintenance musts for top-notch operational performance
  • Accumulator bottle inner workings for inside-out know-how
  • Troubleshooting to recognize potential issues

Learn How Your Crew Stacks Up With Our Trends Report

At the completion of the Accumulator Workshop, customers are provided a Trends Report. The report delivers a comparison evaluation based on 50 random, anonymous crews, showing how your crew stacks up against others. The percentage indicates the amount of rigsites that have personnel with the same deficiencies.

Sample Trends Report
Position Observation Percentage
Motorhand Does not understand the difference between engaged and neutral four-way valve handles on the accumulator 20%
Does not understand how the accumulator works as a backup system 42%
Can identify accumulator pressure but does not understand how they apply to the well control system 84%
Does not know what the usable volume is when talking about accumulator bottle size 78%
Derrickhand Does not know correct accumulator system pressure 52%
Does not know proper pressure for accumulator manifold 34%
Cannot replace bladder in accumulator bottle without supervision 38%
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