Executive Profiles

Executive Profiles

Freddy Gebhardt, President of Wild Well

Freddy Gebhardt

Freddy Gebhardt is President of Wild Well, a global leader in firefighting, well control, well control engineering, and training services. His career in the energy industry spans more than 30 years with a focus on well control and blowout response and prevention, well capping, snubbing, and coiled tubing operations. He originally joined Wild Well in 1983 as a Sr. Well Control Specialist.

Freddy has supervised well control teams around the world killing and capping numerous onshore and offshore blowouts. In Kuwait in 1991, Freddy was a Team leader for Wild Well where he worked with teammates during their eight month stay to cap 137 wells with zero accidents. In 1999, he assisted capping one of the largest high volume (380 million standard cubic feet/day and 45,000 barrels/day) oil and gas wells in the world. More recently in 2010, Wild Well responded to the most significant blowout disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. During the multi-agency response, Freddy assisted in the management coordination of well control operations.

Freddy has also authored many articles on pressure and well control procedures for industry publications and contributed to a snubbing procedures and policy manuals for a major oil and gas company. He also conducts technical seminars internationally to update the oil and gas industry on new well control procedures and technology.

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