North Dakota Training Facility Opens

Permanent Training Facility in North Dakota Ramps Up

OKC Well Control Training

In anticipation of regional growth and to continue offering quality well control training, Wild Well's new permanent training facility in Williston, North Dakota, has opened its doors and completed 2 weeks of instructional classes for IADC well control excellence.

Providing IADC WellSharp Drilling and IADC WellSharp Well Services courses, the Williston training hub features the expert instruction and real-world case histories that have made Wild Well a household name in the oil patch when it comes to well control training.

The Williston facility is one of two new permanent training opportunities in the United States. The other, located in Odessa, Texas, provides the same quality courses that strive for unparalleled student success in the development of well control technique to elevate job performance, reducing costly downtime and eliminating potential loss of equipment.

With more than 90,000 students taught since its inception, Wild Well Training delivers a practical, hands-on well control experience that produces competency in action, not mere certification for completion.

For more information on the training facility in North Dakota, contact To browse the course selection and register for a class at any of our locations, visit the user-friendly online scheduling site.


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