Optimizing Offshore Platform Well Control Operations in the Design Phase

Plan, Prepare, Prevent: Optimizing Offshore Platform Well Control Operations in the Design Phase

Offshore Platform Well Control Operations

When designing and fabricating offshore platforms, oil and gas operators must consider many complex factors. One scenario often overlooked includes the myriad of activities required for a successful well control operation. Such an oversight can result in the loss of millions of dollars and valuable hours of optimal wellbore performance.

Including Wild Well Control during the early stages of platform development provides the design team with an indispensable perspective that positively impacts the entire undertaking in a cost-effective manner.

One critical factor typically misunderstood is the amount of time it takes to apply the techniques required to regain control of a well. Considerations for an efficient intervention include:

  • Capabilities to re-board the facility under blowout conditions
  • Adequate firewater protection during initial mobilization and once the intervention is underway
  • Access to the facility and structural damage assessments
  • Isolation of personnel and equipment from hazards
  • Lifting capabilities—preferably stationed on the platform itself
  • Overhead and lateral access to the wellheads

With more than 40 years of experience in both onshore and offshore well control engineering operations, Wild Well delivers technical support that includes:

  • Providing the design team with an overview of commonly applied well control techniques and equipment
  • Reviewing facility design and well control practices
  • Simulating event impact with gas dispersion, fire and radiant heat, explosion, and other flow modeling
  • Working with the operator and design engineering company to identify potential problem areas and potential design solutions
  • Recommending design specifications that enhance the ability to apply well control techniques safely and efficiently
  • Developing a specific action plan or well control intervention based on platform design

By planning for a variety of well control scenarios during the design phase of an offshore platform development, oil and gas operators can adequately prepare to protect the wellbore and prevent a multi-million dollar loss. Wild Well offers world-renowned, advanced engineering expertise that delivers the vision of optimal operational capabilities along with a sound plan to achieve success.

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