Wild Well's DeepRange Riserless P&A Tool Recognized as New Technology Award Winner, OTC 2017

DeepRange P&A Tool Awarded OTC Spotlight on New Technology

DeepRange P&A Tool Awarded OTC Spotlight on New Technology

The Wild Well DeepRange riserless plug and abandonment tool garnered recognition recently as an Offshore Technology Conference Spotlight on New Technology award winner. The capabilities of DeepRange will be showcased at OTC in Houston, May 1-4.

The DeepRange tool uses a unique coiled tubing deployment procedure that requires at most a multiservice vessel to launch the system. This riserless proprietary process saves operators up to 50% when compared to conventional P&A operations, which can equate to millions of dollars.

The innovative DeepRange tool allows operators to perform fully BSEE-compliant P&A operations in water depths up to 10,000 ft and on wells with a maximum shut-in pressure of 10,000 psi. The proven methodology is capable of successfully plugging multi-annuli wells with specially designed perforating charges.

The DeepRange P&A process also allows the integrity of each annular plug to be verified by enabling the client to test the plug from above and below. Additionally, Wild Well has developed a proprietary binary plug made of resin and cement that can be used to increase the quality of each plug placed during abandonment operations. 

DeepRange P&A Tool Awarded OTC Spotlight on New Technology
Wild Well's DeepRange Riserless Plug and Abandonment Tool

Last year as a first of its kind, DeepRange completed a 9-well P&A operation in ultra-deepwater Gulf of Mexico months ahead of schedule. The job included isolation of the outer annulus in each of the wells by circulating more than 200 ft of cement in place and pressure testing the plug.

DeepRange revolutionizes how the industry approaches operations by allowing operators to reduce their P&A liability at a fraction of the cost and with considerable savings in time. This innovative technology is available for use in a variety of deepwater applications.

And with the ability to verify barriers without pulling the casing (leaving the casing in the ground), an additional environmental barrier is preserved that will remain long after the P&A operation is completed.

Additionally, the DeepRange tool employs the same safeguards as conventional P&A, maintaining the strict requirements necessary for safe, environmentally sustainable operations.

DeepRange gives the industry a cost-effective yet high-quality abandonment option that will change the way subsea abandonment operations are performed for years to come.

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