WellContained Stack-up Exercise Video Available

WellContained Stack-up Exercise Video Available

Fifth Annual WellContained Stack-up Exercise

Witness the 5th annual WellContained stack-up exercise at our North Sea facility in quick-time footage as we assemble and test the three single-ram BOP, 18 3/4-in., 15K psi capping stack for members of the Wild Well WellCONTAINED System.

Members enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year or 10-year membership that includes capping stacks, debris removal equipment, dispersant application equipment, source control emergency response plans, logistics plans, and unlimited capping stack interface checks with their RIG BOP/LMRP package.

The next Wild Well stack-up exercise will take place in Singapore in February 2017 for our Southeast Asia-based capping stack. To learn more about becoming a WellCONTAINED member, visit the WellCONTAINED page at http://wildwell.com/wellContained/ or email wellcontained@wildwell.com.

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