Free Rig Math Course Offered to Well Control Certication Course Students

Complimentary Rig Math Course Boosts Confidence

Free Math Course

Essential math skills are a critical element of well control training, and Wild Well’s new Rig Math course prepares students for the numerical rigors, helping to ensure a successful certification attempt on the first try. And it’s free to students registered for a certification course.

Testimonials from those who have already taken Rig Math illustrate that even the mathematically inclined, such as petroleum engineers, are happy to have the refresher in well control formulas and calculations, such as those used to determine displacement, hydrostatic pressure, and lag time.

In reality, when we don’t use a skill every day, it becomes less familiar. The Wild Well Rig Math course employs a user-friendly design to assist everyone from the derrickhand to the company man with the familiarization of what some oilfield personnel dread the most: formulaic calculations.

Through researching our in-class surveys and monitoring other industry feedback, we determined the existence of a knowledge gap in this critical area. More often than not, well control students taking their certification test were stumped not by the terminology and procedures used to kills wells, but the mathematical equations needed to determine mud weight and more.

Our focus on completing the well control calculations by hand assists students with the new, stricter IADC testing guidelines. Offered prior to most drilling certification courses, the course helps to refresh even the rustiest memories on the well control math formulas required to obtain certification and, more importantly, successfully kill a well.

The step-by-step approach incorporates a proven adult learning methodology that places the student at the instructor’s center of attention. Along with the use of the Wild Well Technical Data Book, the complexities of well control math are replaced with clarity, adeptness, and, most importantly, ensured preparation for certification.

Find out more about the Wild Well Rig Math course by contacting our Training Department at or by phone at +1-281-784-4700.

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