Increased Training Success Rate in Saudi Arabia

Wild Well Increases Training Success Rate in Saudi Arabia with Special Format Classes

College Training Class

The Wild Well Control Training Department has hosted an IADC supervisory drilling well control class, followed by a special format stuck pipe prevention module, at its Khobar facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia every week since November 7, 2014, challenging students to develop an enhanced understanding of the process.

“Over the period of time that we have held this class, we have seen the pass rate evolve to a level that is typical in other parts of the world,” says Wild Well International Training Manager David Cargill. “Whereas students who have taken the class with other training providers have been passed without question – perhaps literally – they are being challenged at Wild Well.

“During this challenge, students are gaining knowledge and developing critical competencies that will save operators time and money and ensure the safety of ongoing operations.”

Traditionally, stuck pipe has plagued operators in Saudi. Wild Well recognized the need for specialized training in the region and answered the call. “Stuck pipe” occurs when the drillstring cannot be moved as required and operations must be suspended. Differential and mechanical sticking are both causes of stuck pipe.

Such unplanned incidents cost time and money, on average adding up to approximately 25 to 33% of the cost of drilling.

The extended duration drilling class offered in Saudi exceeds the minimum time requirements set by IADC, ensuring that the students have opportunity to fully digest and understand the material before being transitioned back into the field.

“To further aid the delivery and effectiveness of the course,” says Cargill, “we have multilingual instructors using their language skills in Arabic to translate the class material when necessary.”

Wild Well will continue the once-a-week offerings using two rotating instructors and seeks to expand the Training product line to its facility in United Arab Emirates.

“We hope to use the success of our Khobar facility as a platform to drive business in UAE where we will offer exclusively high-caliber, in-house training classes in our luxurious training facility at API Trio Towers, Dubai,” says Cargill. “Customers can book this service at their convenience, using a location of their choosing or by using our Dubai training center.”

For more information or to book a class, contact Wild Well Training at or 1.281.784.4700.

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