Environmental Management Services Team Up With J.H. Blades

Environmental Management Services Team Up With J.H. Blades

Environmental Management Services Team Up With J.H. Blades

Wild Well teams up with J.H. Blades to offer Environmental Management advisory services to deliver industry-wide pollution control solutions.

First of its kind service for the US energy market combines with existing Kick Assistance Program to prevent costly major blowout and environmental impact claims through early intervention and simultaneous response.

Houston, 8 April, 2015 – J.H. Blades & Co. Inc. (www.jhblades.com), the leading US upstream oil and gas energy Managing General Agent (MGA), along with the Swett & Crawford Dallas Energy team and the recently-acquired Burke Daniels Inc., have joined forces with Wild Well Control Inc. to launch the first early intervention pollution control and mitigation program for the US energy market.

The rapid response team is now available to Blades policyholders via the Berkley Gemini contract or via Contract 400. It is an addition to the Kick Assistance Program (KAP), which is designed to utilize a range of early intervention techniques to minimize a well control incident and its environmental impact before it becomes a costly blowout.

In the event of an incident, Wild Well will now immediately dispatch a joint team of specialists to the scene for both well and pollution control at the source in the hot zone.

Bill Mahler, EVP & GM of Wild Well Control, which responds to the majority of all well control incidents globally, said: "Bringing a well back under control and dealing with any pollution issues can be very costly, but by deploying both a well control team and a pollution response team immediately upon notification, we can work in unison in an effort to minimize the size of the claim – both in terms of control of well and pollution mitigation. In addition to dealing with initial pollution containment, if required, we can also work with the assured, state and federal regulators and loss adjusters on any long-term remediation that might be required.”

Carol Randall, President of Berkley Oil & Gas said: “Our companies share a strong philosophy regarding safety of the oil and gas industry and we are excited to be part of an effort to pro-actively reduce losses impacting the environment, making the industry better.”

Read full press release at http://www.jhblades.com/

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