Wild Well Enters New Era of Service Solutions for Well Control Incidents

Wild Well Enters New Era of Service Solutions for Well Control Incidents

Well Control Engineering & Operations

Houston, (Feb. 10, 2014) — Eighty percent of oil and gas well blowout incidents worldwide are resolved by Wild Well, and today the company unveiled a new brand for a new generation of engineered services and solutions to safely respond and resolve any type of well control incident.

“Wild Well is the go-to company for well control incidents worldwide, and we’re entering a new era of providing our clients with excellent and unparalleled response to their needs on land, offshore, and subsea,” said Freddy Gebhardt, president of Wild Well. “Today, we’re using new and smarter technologies and processes, and we want a brand identity that reflects and communicates that.”

Leading oil and gas operators around the world have relied on Wild Well for nearly 40 years, and no other company has successfully completed more jobs - more than 2,700 major blowout incidents globally.

Wild Well also has the most experienced personnel in the world, having trained more of the industry’s workforce than any other company. In fact, Wild Well trains 11,000 people annually, and its senior well control specialists and well control engineers average more than 20 years in the field.

“Our new brand identity brings a modern, new look to our company while still preserving our significant heritage,” said Gebhardt. “It represents the totality of our company, but especially our rapid response and experience with onshore, offshore and subsea capabilities.”

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