Wild Well Meets Industry, Customer Needs and Begins Training in Alaska

Wild Well Meets Industry, Customer Needs and Begins Training in Alaska

Training Course

In a response to industry needs, Wild Well is now offering back-to-back well control training courses in Anchorage, Alaska, providing our customers in the far northwest with a rare opportunity for world-class instruction in their own backyard.

The Training Department of Wild Well Control is heading to the frontier of Alaska to offer well control training opportunities at a conveniently-located facility in Anchorage as part of an ongoing effort to provide practical, hands-on training to customers whenever and wherever it is needed.

In the first year, Wild Well will offer two classes per quarter in back-to-back segments, covering 2 weeks, slated for the months of June, August and October of this year. While Drilling/Workover will be the initial offering for 2014, Wild Well Training Vice President Larry Andrews stated that additional classes and course offerings will be available in the near future to build on a long-term commitment.

Andrews recently traveled to Alaska to assist in the development of the plans for this exciting new opportunity for Wild Well to enter the market in such a vast region with seemingly unlimited potential for oil and gas exploration and production.

Andrews stated that scheduling well control training in Alaska is a timely response to industry needs, one that will provide customers with a much-welcomed opportunity in their market. One could say that this is just the “tip of the iceberg” when considering the potential for opening up training facilities across Alaska, considering the level of energy production in the great state.

Wild Well’s training is known for providing instructor-led courses that offer second-to-none hands-on well control simulation instruction that uses actual well data to mimic downhole conditions, testing a team’s ability to respond effectively and efficiently to various well control scenarios.

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