Wild Well – Exclusive Provider for Kick Assistance Program

Wild Well – Exclusive Provider for Kick Assistance Program

Kick Assistance Program

Houston, (May 6, 2014) — In a joint announcement during the Offshore Technology Conference, insurance provider Berkley Oil & Gas and managing general agency J.H. Blades, introduced Wild Well as the exclusive provider for the KAP Kick Assistance Program. The partnership is focused on providing clients with the means and tools necessary to quickly respond to and stop a well control incident before it becomes a costly well blowout.

"To stop a well control incident and prevent loss for our clients, we are pleased to partner with Wild Well, the leader in well control response, safety, training, and prevention," said Carol Randall, president of Berkley Oil & Gas. "Our companies have a shared philosophy that investing in the safety of the oil and gas industry and preventing a pressure control problem from becoming a blowout makes the industry better."

Wild Well has more than 38 years of well control and blowout response experience. The company responds to 80 percent of all well control incidents globally. "We are certainly best-known for our blowout responses, but we also provide the industry with certified training for worst-case scenarios," said Joe Dean Thompson, senior vice president for Wild Well. "We are pleased to be the exclusive provider for the KAP Kick Assistance Program, which has a focus on safety and prevention, and to provide Berkley Oil & Gas and J.H. Blades clients with rapid responses to their well control incidents."

As part of their Control of Well product offering, Berkley Oil & Gas works with J.H. Blades, which has employed a well control specialist with more than 25 years experience in onsite well control response, Brian Krause. The KAP Kick Assistance Program provides the client with up to $50,000 for expenses incurred by Wild Well for their personnel and equipment needed to prevent a pressure incident from escalating into a blowout and from becoming a major loss costing millions in damages.

"J.H. Blades is pleased to be part of this partnership," said Brian Krause, "This program allows us to provide our clients with access to the best company in well response and prevent expensive losses. "

About Wild Well

As industry leaders in firefighting and well control, Wild Well Control Inc. leads the response in taking on and solving the most challenging oil and gas incidents. Whenever the integrity of the wellbore or operation is in jeopardy, Wild Well Control responds quickly with the experienced personnel and specialized equipment. Wild Well Control has successfully capped hundreds of wells in a range of environments and performed specialized capping operations under extreme conditions. Wild Well Control's extensive experience provides the capability and expertise to respond to any pressure control incident with an engineered solution. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

About Berkley Oil & Gas Specialty Services Berkley Oil & Gas Specialty Services is an insurance underwriting manager providing unique property and casualty products and risk services to customers engaged in the energy sector. Berkley Oil & Gas is dedicated in its efforts to be well-informed of the changing dynamics of the industry; support industry efforts to minimize and mitigate risks and hazards in the oil patch; and to constantly seek ways to improve our products and services to meet customer needs.

About J.H. Blades & Co., Inc. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, J.H. Blades & Co., Inc. provides insurance products and services for energy-related risks and recently added a marine division. Operating as a cover holder and in-house underwriter, J.H. Blades underwriters, markets and places both onshore and offshore accounts of any size and complexity.

For More Information Contact:

  • Patti Green, Wild Well - 281.784.4700
  • Carol Randall, Berkley Oil & Gas Specialty Services (A Berkley Company) - 832.308.6910
  • Brian Krause, J.H. Blades & Co, Inc. - 832.312.8841

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