Subsea Intervention Technology

Subsea Intervention Technology

Riserless Subsea Intervention Systems

Subsea intervention

Designed for the protection of personnel, the environment and the client’s operations, the subsea intervention equipment from Wild Well offers an uncompromising dual-barrier philosophy, regardless of the operational state. Combined with the expertise of our technical service personnel, our subsea systems maintain the highest levels of operability and reliability in today’s subsea intervention market.

7 Series Intervention System

7 Series
7 Series

The 7 Series subsea intervention system, named for the 7 3/8-in. nominal bore, is designed to allow safe and efficient alternatives to rig-based interventions on horizontal subsea trees. The large-bore size allows passage of the largest crown plugs on the market today, and the safety head shear/seal ram ensures that well control can be maintained regardless of what is in the bore. The 7 Series system allows for implementation of the industry standard dual-barrier philosophy without requiring the subsea tree valves or the safety valve in the well to operate as a primary or secondary barrier. Our patented dual-redundant disconnect technology provides for well integrity during emergency quick disconnect (EQD) scenarios and eliminates single-point failures, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

The 7 Series redefines subsea intervention. It is a complete intervention solution and does not require additional third-party services like IWOCS, wireline, circulation lines and pumping. The seamless integration allows our client to focus on the well intervention work instead of using precious resources to needlessly resolve interface issues.

7 Series Applications

The system allows a safe and efficient means to conduct a variety of slickline, e-line and braided line operations, including setting and pulling plugs, shifting sleeves, logging and bailing as well as wireline conveyed tractor operations such as milling and cleaning. The system also allows for riserless plug and abandonment of subsea wells in accordance with BSEE guidelines. We offer a true turnkey solution for subsea plug and abandonments inclusive of B, C, & D annuli isolation and wellhead severance when required.

7 Series Features

  • Hardware certified to 10,000 ft and 10,000 psi maximum working pressure
  • Redundancy in the environmental and well barriers
  • 30-second EQD with dual-disconnect points on all connections
  • Shear seal ram can shear almost any toolstring, including 3 1/2-in., 135,000 psi drillpipe
  • Dual redundant controls systems
  • 7 3/8-bore handles the largest crown plug
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