Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Pollution Control for Rigsites and More

Environmental Management

Based on Wild Well's 40-year history of response expertise, our Environmental Management services deliver industry-wide pollution control solutions from wellbore to pipeline to commodity transportation. Our comprehensive environmental advisory approach encompasses prevention, mitigation, and recovery stewardship to deliver effective cost control and environmental restoration in the event of a pollution incident.


  • Pre-event consultation
  • Contingency planning
  • Expert pollution response training
  • Validation exercises to assess client readiness and competency


  • Unprecedented hot zone presence
  • Early commencement of pollution control for maximum containment
  • Source control management
  • Cost-control management
  • Vetted subcontractor oversight and supervision


  • Environmental restoration management
  • Federal, state, and local regulatory liaison
  • Solid and liquid waste recovery and disposal management
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