Technical Services: Well Integrity

Well Integrity

Technical Services

Well Integrity is becoming a growing concern globally. The older brownfields and even some greenfields can present significant well integrity issues for the operator. For many years, Wild Well and its subsidiaries have dealt with well integrity issues for clients. Through the Technical Services approach, our Well Integrity Advisors assist clients in evaluating their well integrity issues and develop a forward plan to mitigate the issues.

The cursory well integrity investigation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Review with Operator of completion, workover, slickline, and production records
  • Development of abandonment criteria with Operator in event of integrity concerns
  • Site inspection, surface equipment (Wellheads, trees, etc.) verification, and assessment
  • Surface well integrity work scope development to address integrity issues such as leaking valves, leaking flanges and possibly a program to address annular pressures
  • Technical support and, if required, project management support for
    • Surface well integrity repair
    • Casing / tubing assessment with corrosion and casing inspection logs as warranted
    • Other non-rig intervention well integrity programs
    • Rig based well integrity intervention program
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