Blowout Contingency & Response Planning

Blowout Contingency & Response Planning

Emergency Preparedness

Blowout Contingency Response Planning

The development of an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) or Blowout Contingency Plan (BCP) is one of the key elements to having effective risk management and emergency preparedness planning. Wild Well has the experience and technical expertise to write an effective ERP or BCP for your operations. The plans developed by our team are the result of many years of implementing well control and blowout intervention operations in virtually all conceivable operational settings and geographic locations.

Pre-event well control planning benefits operations in several ways and is an excellent way to organize personnel and contractors in the event of a major well control incident. It is also a way to inform key personnel of the material and equipment requirements that may be needed for a well control job. Ultimately, this level of emergency preparedness saves time and money in the event of a well control incident.

Well Control Emergency Management

The primary objective of the ERP/BCP is to establish a process for responding to and safely managing well control emergencies. This process includes:

  • Implementing actions at the emergency site that will enhance personnel safety
  • Defining notification protocols and methods
  • Defining critical information required to determine the appropriate response level and strategies
  • Providing forms for the consistent documentation and distribution of critical information
  • Organizing personnel and providing guidelines for their role in emergency response and subsequent management
  • Preselecting sources and developing mobilization plans for personnel, equipment, material and services typically required for implementation of well control procedures

The process is intended to provide a framework for responding to and managing a range of well control emergencies. Working through a well-defined series of activities helps to ensure that critical aspects of the response are given adequate consideration and that proper safety and operational assessments are made at the required time.

Responding to a well control emergency with an ERP/BCP reduces risks to personnel and assets, minimizes environmental impact, promotes an earlier involvement by the well control company and demonstrates a proactive effort.

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