Advanced Engineering: Flow Assurance and Heat Transfer

Flow Assurance and Heat Transfer

Flow Assurance and Heat Transfer

Fluid flow and heat transfer are important to a vast number of industrial processes and systems. Well control is no exception. Having the ability to simulate and analyze such behavior provides a significant aid to understanding the often complex physics involved. Wild Well’s expertise in this area has been incorporated into the design and analysis of a wide range of industrial applications and is providing clients improved system performance, reduced development times, and reduced operational and design risk.

Wild Well uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to understand and optimize complicated fluid flow and heat transfer problems and has validated its thermal analysis methodologies against multiple full-scale physical tests.

Examples of how Wild Well uses thermal analysis include:

  • Cool-down and warm-up transient simulations
  • Hydrate and wax management
  • Conjugate heat transfer
  • Cryogenic freezing
  • Resin/cement curing and shrinkage analysis
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