Well Control Engineering

Well Control Engineering

Engineered Response to a Well Control Event

Since our inception, Wild Well has focused on providing an engineered response to each well control event. Our engineering team is an important element in developing and implementing a successful plan for the total resolution of a well control event. 

Our well control engineers recommend and supervise all diagnostic work performed on the well, providing an accurate assessment of the condition of the well and wellbore. Assimilation and analysis of the data provides the information required to develop all possible options for a successful well control resolution and ultimately ensures the proper selection based on the minimization of associated risks.

Calculating well flow rates and determining wellbore stresses are routine operations for our engineers, who use software programs to calculate and model all well kill procedures, including the engineering of kill fluids and pumping requirements.

Our well control engineers are not only experienced in regaining control of a well, but also in developing an engineering plan for recovering the well and returning it to the Operator as a revenue-generating asset whenever possible.

Well Modeling

WWC is the only well control company in the industry to use a complete time transient multiphase flow simulator that models the full dynamic behavior of the wellbore and its contents. These simulations are used to support real-time well control operations, including multiple runs, to evaluate kick handling options. Results have closely matched field measurements. The versatility of this simulator allows the modeling and evaluation of different well control procedures in addition to standard kill methods. 

Relief Well Intervention

Relief well intervention is a viable option to consider in resolving well control issues. New technology and our systematic method for designing and implementing a relief well make the mechanics of relief well drilling easier and improve the reliability of the relief well intercept. Our engineering team has successfully designed and implemented numerous relief well intervention programs while simultaneously conducting surface intervention operations.

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