Hot Tapping and Valve Drilling Services

Hot Tapping and Valve Drilling Services

Hot Tap: Controlled Entry Into Area With Trapped Pressure

Hot Tapping is the process of introducing access to the ID of pipe, flanges or valves by drilling a hole into the component while internal pressure is present. Our personnel have performed hundreds of hot taps at both surface and subsea sites over the last several years. Specialty fabricated devices allow a safe hot tapping operation to be carried out on blind flanges, bull plugs, base plates and other unusual equipment. The hot tap equipment is suitable for H2S service with pressure capabilities up to 15,000 psi.

Valve Drilling: Regain Full Bore Access Through Inoperable Plug or Valve

Valve drilling is the process of drilling an opening in a ball plug or gate valve that has become inoperable in a closed or partially closed position. Whereas hot tapping is designed for gaining controlled entry for either pressure verification and/or fluid injection, valve drilling is designed to regain a larger or full bore to allow coil tubing or wireline applications to be deployed into a wellbore. Most jobs involved with valve drilling are focused on the vertical wellhead or completion tree components aligned with the wellbore. However, the valve drilling system can also work in a horizontal position for side-entry applications on valves and other wellhead components.

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