Freeze Services

Freeze Services

Cryogenic Pipe Freezing

Flex Wrap Freeze

Freeze services are typically used to place a temporary barrier (ice plug) in a tubular or vessel to maintain pressure control while allowing for safe mechanical repairs to be addressed.

The pipe freezing technology we use is unsurpassed in the industry. Using liquid N2 and liquid CO2 along with state-of-the-art temperature monitors, costly fluid kills are eliminated, minimizing downtime. With a sufficient supply of the N2 or CO2 on hand and the ability to monitor the freeze process accurately in real time, freeze plugs can be installed and maintained indefinitely in a safe and controlled manner.

We currently offer three freeze application systems: Flex Wrap, Coil Line and Aluminum Canister Freeze. The application of these systems requires specific pre-job information and planning to identify the best possible method.

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