Firefighting and Well Control

Firefighting and Well Control

First Response Team

Firefighting and Well Control

Wild Well has the firefighting and emergency expertise to respond to oil and gas incidents worldwide. When an incident occurs, a First Response Team will be dispatched to the location. Immediately upon arrival at the location, the First Response team will make an assessment of the overall situation.

Based on this assessment, a mobilization plan for well control personnel, firefighting and well control equipment, and other necessary support services will be discussed and reviewed.

Hazard Assessment

Safe, successful well control operations require risk identification, mitigation and management. Hazard identification based on a thorough assessment of the situation is a primary function of the well control team. The results of the hazard analysis will be incorporated into the Site Safety Plan. Additional personnel, equipment, services and/or safety procedures and measures required to deal with the identified hazards will be specified.

Operational Assessment

Accurate information gathering is essential to all subsequent well control intervention efforts. The focus of the operational assessment will be to establish the primary intervention plan as well as the consideration of factors such as:

  • Events leading up to or preceding the well control situation
  • Well data, which includes:
    • casing design
    • directional design
    • mud logs
    • open hole logs
    • casing evaluation logs
    • drillstring configuration (ID/OD, floats, plugs, nipples, BHA, etc.)
  • Influx data (if applicable) and estimated BHP
  • Influx circulation, pressures and volumes (if applicable)
  • Wellhead configuration and casing landing loads
  • Cementing program and leak-off or formation integrity tests

Well Kill Operations

Our team of well control specialists and engineers have designed and killed hundreds of wells on land, in inland waters and offshore. They will design a primary intervention plan as a result of the operational assessment. Resource requirements (personnel, services and materials) will be established for implementation of the primary intervention plan as well as contingency intervention plans and/or additional diagnostic measures as deemed necessary.

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