Emergency Well Control

Emergency Well Control

Equipment Deployment

Well Control Equipment Packages

Wild Well maintains multiple sets of well control equipment packages that can be quickly mobilized to a well control event, either from our main facility in Houston, Texas or from one of several locations around the world where packages have been prepositioned to facilitate a more efficient and timely response.

Prepositioned Equipment

Equipment Deployment
  • Houston, Texas, USA
  • Ralston, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Midland, Texas, USA
  • Rocky Mtn. House, Alberta, Canada
  • Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Singapore*
  • Emmen, The Netherlands
  • Aberdeen, Scotland*
  • *This equipment is part of the WellCONTAINED™ Subsea Containment Solutions system and requires an Equipment Access Agreement. Additional information on the WellCONTAINED System is available here.

You may also contact us via email at WellCONTAINED@WildWell.com.

Emergency Response Equipment Deployment

Wild Well will aid operators in the mobilization and seamless delivery of emergency response and recovery equipment in the event of a well control emergency. Based on the initial assessment of the event, a mobilization plan for personnel and equipment will be determined. Wild Well is experienced in coordinating the rapid deployment, whether it be a large charted aircraft or arranging ground transport, from any of our equipment locations worldwide.

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