ControlSEAL™ Resin Sealant

ControlSEAL™ Resin Sealant

Resin-Based Sealant for Long-Term Durability

Long-term zonal isolation issues with oilfield cement annuli are common during the lifetime of a well. Wellbore stresses affect the long-term durability of the cement seal and often lead to well control issues. Remediation of zonal isolation failures can be costly and challenging to execute. ControlSEAL resin sealant offers an effective long-lasting barrier alternative to conventional cement, leaving you to assume control of your well.


  • Casing installation
  • P&A operations
  • Leaking production packers
  • Control lines, gas leaks, valves and wellheads
  • Remedial squeeze jobs
  • Water flows and gravel packs
  • Weak, permeable formations
  • Isolation of adjacent wells

Features and Benefits

  • Outperforms conventional cement for compressive strength, tensile strength and shear bonding
  • Maintains long term durability using nonshrinking, noncorrosive and impermeable design
  • Infiltrates microannuli and formation with solids-free design to create effective barriers
  • Mixes and pumps easily on site: no special additives or water required with conventional oilfield equipment
  • Remains stable even in hostile downhole conditions
  • Stays intact while dropping through water, seawater and brines, reforming at the target zone
  • Penetrable during perforation while maintaining form and integrity
  • Tolerates temperature ranges of 40 to 275°F and densities ranging from 7 to 19 ppg
  • Suited for offshore and onshore environments
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