About Wild Well

About Wild Well

Wild Well Personnel

Leaders in Experience

Our Well Control Specialists and Well Control and Marine Engineers are always available to respond to any well control event or pressure control emergency. As full-time employees of Wild Well, they work daily resolving client onshore and offshore emergencies all over the world. With decades of experience in managing simultaneous operations, our current Wild Well management includes several seasoned individuals who participated in the Fires of Kuwait project in 1991.

Our team of well control specialists and engineering personnel has an average of more than 20 years in the oil field and come from varied backgrounds within the industry, providing the company with the most diverse response team available.

Executive Management

1Freddy Gebhardt, President

2Bill Mahler, Executive Vice President

3Joe Dean Thompson, Chief Operations Officer

4Bryan Ellis, Chief Administrative Officer

5Larry Sims, Senior VP International & Sales Operations

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