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About Wild Well

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Wild Well

Oil and gas operators around the world rely on Wild Well for engineered solutions that safely prevent and resolve well control incidents. No other company has more experienced personnel and successfully completed jobs, and no one trains more professionals in the industry’s workforce than Wild Well. 

As the primary responder to more than 80 percent of well blowouts globally, our company has been involved in the successful management and capping of hundreds of wells in recent years across onshore, inland waters, offshore and deepwater locations.

Company Overview

Our History and Vision

Since 1975, Wild Well has provided best-in-class well control and emergency response and is the primary responder to more than 80 percent of all well blowouts globally — no one responds more frequently.

Founded by Joe R. Bowden, Sr. in 1975, Wild Well became the first competition for what, at that time, had been a monopoly in well control services. Joe Bowden approached each well control event from an engineering perspective, attempting to preserve the integrity of the wellbore and the operator’s investment. Wild Well continues to use this approach today. Today, Wild Well provides firefighting, well control, engineering and training services to the oil and gas industry worldwide.

With over 350 employees in 18 locations worldwide, Wild Well's vision is to provide a range of well control services to help oil and gas operators respond to emergencies and operational challenges, and provide comprehensive prevention and preparedness planning to avoid future emergencies.

Clients include major, independent, multi-national and state-owned oil and gas companies who operate wells onshore, in inland waters, offshore and in deepwater locations. Wild Well is also the preferred provider for insurance companies and government agencies.

Our Team has Experience and Proven Solutions

The Wild Well team has over 500 years of well control experience between them. Many team members have played a significant role in historical well control events. In 1991, Wild Well was one of three companies contacted by Kuwait Oil Company to regain control of its fields of raging well fires after the Iraqi invasion. In 2010, working as part of BP's extended team, Wild Well played a critical role in the engineering planning and procedures, as well as the capping of the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico.

Today, Wild Well is the primary well response company in the world equipped with a dedicated subsea containment solution, WellCONTAINED™, and personnel backed by years of in-the-field experience. The WellCONTAINED system of solutions assist operators in prevention, preparation, response and recovery operations related to deepwater well control events. This system provides an integrated capping, debris removal and dispersant inspection system in one location, rather than a collection of unrelated parts. Staged in Aberdeen, the equipment package is ready-to-deploy to the North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, the North East Atlantic and West Africa in the event of a subsea event.

Our Services Cover Well Control, Engineering and Training

Wild Well consists of four main divisions and areas of expertise: Emergency Well Control is responsible for firefighting, capping, surface and subsea intervention; Well Control Engineering and Technical Services covers well modeling, risk management and response planning; the Marine Engineering & Subsea Division provides offshore emergency response, unconventional and platform decommissioning, subsea intervention and containment.

The fourth division is Well Control Training, which commits to supporting the next generation of oil and gas industry responders. Well Control Training offers expert instruction, real-world case scenarios and state-of-the-art classrooms and simulator training to industry personnel. Training over 10,000 students yearly, the school features state of the art full-size drilling simulators in a "war room" type setting to reflect real-life well control scenarios. The well control courses are certified by IADC as well as IWCF for international students.

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